Session 6 of Jonah, Navigating a Life Interrupted

Hello Ladies,

I can’t believe we have one more week together and our study on the book of Jonah is over.  To mark this occasion, we will celebrate the Vineyard style.  Please bring a dish to pass for Monday night’s bible study.  Our DVD session will be a short one and besides going over week 6′s homework, I just want us to enjoy spending time together.

Our video session’s main point was the importance of trusting God, trusting the He is able and fully capable of being God.  Our speaker talked about Jonah throwing a tantrum because God did not do what he wanted him to do.  God had showed mercy to the Ninevites, to people Jonah believed had no right to nor deserved God’s mercy.  I can see why Jonah felt justified in how he felt, after all hadn’t he relented and obeyed God, now wasn’t it God’s turn to do what Jonah wanted?  But true to His character God was merciful and compassionate.  Jonah knew this was in keeping with God’s character but did not want  Ninevah to be a recipient of. 

How many times have we been in Jonah’s situation.  We figured if we obey God, then surely He will do things our way.  Many times when trials come my way I am able to easily reassure myself by remembering that God can be trusted, that He will get me through this situation like he has before.  Sometimes, however,  I’m convinced that God must have made a mistake in allowing this trial in my life, I start to think that He meant this for someone else for surely I don’t deserve this.  Don’t I do the things I’m supposed to do?  Don’t I pray, fast, tithe, do Bible study? Is this not a reassurance that all things will go well in my life?  At these times, I’m grateful for his faithfulness and patience with me.  I’m grateful that He reminds me that He has my very best interest at heart and that if he has allowed this in my life, He is performing a work in me or through me.  At times like this, I settle myself down and meditate on my favorite Psalm, Psalm 23 ” The LORD is my Shepard…”.

How about you?  Do you ever throw a tantrum because:

1. You don’t think you got what you deserve?

2. Someone else got what you don’t thing they deserve?

As is our custom, what follows is my week five’s navigational tools:

Day 1 Evangelism is the way I should live, not just something I do

Day 2 I can do all things because Christ lives in me

Day 3 God goes before me preparing the soil so that I may see the fruit of my obedience

Day 4 God is able to do much more than I dare to dream

Day 5 I must maintain hope in what may seem like a hopeless situation

My dear sojourners I leave you with my favorite statement of video session six:  ” God is good at His job.”


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2 Responses to Session 6 of Jonah, Navigating a Life Interrupted

  1. Betty says:

    we;ll be spending 2 months in the keys this winter. I was wondering what activities I could get involved in at the church during JAN – Feb. Any suggestions?

    ALSO, my daughter said you might be doing a Beth Moore study on James. Is that correct? I lead study at our church and would love to stay involved in bible study while we’re away.

    Thank you,
    Betty Holmes

  2. Georgina says:

    Hello Betty,
    Thank you for your interest in our church and we hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we do. We have many activities for you to possible get involved with. We have “Affinity” groups, which are made up of people with similar interests or hobbies that get together from once to twice a week. We have groups that do crocheting, dinner and dancing, boating, etc. Please go to our “home page” and click on “Affinity Groups” for a more detail list.
    As for our Bible study, we do plan to do Beth Moore’s “James – Mercy Triumphs” in January. I’ve spoken by phone with your daughter and taken your information down so as of now you are signed up for a member book on James. Please continue to check this blog for updates on “James”. I look forward to meeting you and your daughter in January.

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