Session 4 – JONAH: Navigating a Life Interrupted

Hello Ladies,

In our video session last night, Priscilla Shirer talked in length about the God of second chances.  She went on to tell us three stories: one of them was a women’s story of redemption from a tramp to a Lady; the second one was a story of a fallen preacher and his return to the “hound of heaven” and the third one was about a young man who was pardon a prison sentence.  They were powerful stories that shows God’s amazing, transforming power in lives that yield to Him.  It was all I could do to not stand my conservative self up and clap for joy and unbelievable gratitude for what our God can do for those who repent and turn to Him.

My favorite statement from last night’s video was “Forgiveness of sin qualifies us for present service”.  I’m so thankful that God does not put me in a shelf and disqualifies me to serve him because of my sins.  I’m grateful that as long I acknowledge my sin, accept God’s discipline, ask for forgiveness and act on God’s direction I am back on track with my Lord and Savior.  His plans for me continue and I’ll love Him forever for that.  Is there anything better than God’s love and mercy towards us?

Alright, here are my Five navigational tools from week 3′s homework, please post yours:

Day 1 God is merciful to those that confess their sins

Day 2.  God’s discipline is not mean to destroy me or disqualify me from serving Him, instead it is to prepare me for what He wants me to do.

Day 3.  When I ask God for forgiveness I’m actually saying I agree with God

Day 4.  The Holy Spirit placed in me, at the moment of my salvation, enables me to do whatever it is God is calling me to do

Day 5.  I need to pray to God from His word, passionately and with thanksgiving

My dear sisters, I’m so glad you are joining me in this journey, we are more than halfway done, finish strong.


” let us continually offer up a sacrifice of praise to God, that is , the fruit of lips that give thanks to His name.”        Hebrews 13:15


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5 Responses to Session 4 – JONAH: Navigating a Life Interrupted

  1. Donna Jo says:

    My five navigational tools from last week:
    1) I acknowledge my faults
    2) I have been revived to be realigned to divine design.
    3) I turn to God and walk by faith
    4) I have been preserved and protected by God for His plan
    5) I inscribe God’s word on my heart so I have a framework of verses to construct prayer time. I lift up sacrifice of praise to the All Mighty.

  2. Georgina says:

    Thank you Donna Jo I like your 2. ” I have been revived to be realigned to divine design”.

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