JONAH: Navigating A Life Interrupted

Hello Ladies,

We had a wonderful time chatting and eating the delicious food and deserts you made.  Thank you so much for all who kindly brought in a dish.  Our fellowship time was followed by worship and our first DVD Session on the book of Jonah.

We learned that Jonah is the only prophet who ran away from what God wanted Him to do and we are like him when we do the same.

We also learned to look at our interrupted life as the privileged life.  It is an opportunity to partner with God in what He is doing in us and through us.  I like Priscilla’s suggestion that instead of calling an interruption in our plans an “interruption”, we need to see it as a “divine intervention.  Wow!  I like that. That changes my perspective on interruptions.

Lastly, we learned that the interrupted life is the cure for the search for significance.  As a result we were asked to be the hands and feet of God.  To ask God to reveal to us where He would have us be of service to the lost and outcast.  Who are some people who nobody is reaching out to?  As a member of the Vineyard Women’s Ministry I want us to respond to this challenge.  I’m thinking of ways that we can respond to this challenge, I hope you are to.

The other thing Priscilla asked us to ponder was “How has your life been interrupted lately?”  Boy do I have answers to that.  As some of you know, my husband, who for the last nine years, has been working as a substance abuse counselor for a recovery center was told a couple months ago that the recovery center was being moved to Miami.  That was an interruption.  A change in our plans or rather yet God’s plan for our lives.  But true to His word, God worked all things out and my husband is now in full time ministry. What seemed hopeless God turned into hope.  As such, I’m sure you can understand why the following is my favorite statement from last night ”

“God often sends us into the hopeless place because it’s in the hopeless place that we can see the hope of God.”


What interruption, or rather “divine intervention” has happened to you lately? Do you have a favorite statement from last nigh?


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9 Responses to JONAH: Navigating A Life Interrupted

  1. Linda says:

    Georgina, thanks for posing the question, “what divine intervention” has happened to you lately. This last year I’ve had several physcial “attacks” in my body. The latest one was this week when my resting blood pressure soared to 150/100 and pulse rate thumped at 121. This was a great interupption as I had planned a trip that now has been delayed. But the incident did drive me into the internists office wherein he gave me what I call “pep talks” about embracing this ailment or that ailment and the drugs that go along with it. I am not condoning NOT taking meds prescribed by doctors but I DO have concerns about some of the drugs that are automatically prescribed. Ok, so I “embraced” the med he prescribed and am thankful for medicines available. While I was “being interrupted” a asked the doc if I could give my point of view regarding “the sabor tooth tiger chasing me” and so I sang the song we sing at Vineyard about what can stand against me, which led to a mini-teaching on Christ and that the mind is the battlefied and that we are to have “the mind of Christ.” It sure was refreshing to have the doc receive that knowledge and even chuckle at my rendition of the song. So, here is but one interruption that turned into a divine intervention.

    In addition, may I add a few words about the first verses we studied in Jonah. I learned or read somewhere that Jonah mean “dove” and that the name of the town he came from means “true.” That’s kinda cool.

    There are 8 commands is the book of Jonah that have been discovered:
    1. Arise, go to Ninevah (1:2)
    2. Cry against it
    3. Arise, call upon your God (1:6)
    4. Take me up, and cast me forth into the sea (1:12)
    5. Arise, go to Nineveh (3:2)
    6. Preach unto it the preaching that I bid you
    7. Let man and beast be covered with sackcloth, and cry mightily to God (3:8)
    8. Let them turn every one from his eveil way, and from the violence that is in their hands

    Just by the mere fact that God sent Jonah to warn Nineveh shows that He has mercy, mercy, mercy.

    I have to ask myself, did Jonah not go immediately to Nineveh because he was afraid or did he want the Ninevites to suffer the consequences of their sin problems. I had to ask myself how often have I thought of a certain situation, “So and so made their bed, so let them sleep in it” I ask God to give us all discernment and the strenght to warn others when we see them continuing “going down” in their sin PROBLEMS, all the while walking and talking with the LOVE OF CHRIST.

    • Linda says:

      PS…Jonah ended up going to Nineveh anyhow, which reminds me of teaching our children and grandkids to obey us the “first time” so they can learn to obey God the “first time.” And, I chuckle at a phrase I heard a long time ago…we are pruned if we do, and pruned if we don’t!

  2. Sandy says:

    I have really enjoyed this week’s study… what an eye opener for me. How many times have I turned away from God’s divine interventions…I am ashamed to say!!! This study has me re-evaluating my priorities and especially who is the owner and who is the manager of my life!!

  3. Linda says:

    I was all ready to go to ladies bible study tonight. It was a disappointment that I could NOT find my truck key. Hubba wasn’t home to drive me in his vehicle. Divine interruption? Grandson Alex needed to use my printer/scanner because his broke down at the last minute. So…I was home to help him when he came over. Sure missed the meeting, though.

  4. Lisa says:

    Hi ladies,
    I guess i wilhave to backtrack to catch up. As far a divine interuption so many and so little time. We have had a huge interption at our church here in NY, but as we went through this the most tramatic spiritual event we have ever been through, our 4th grandchild was born. Can you guess his name? Yup “Jonah”
    This has been a totally divine journey for us with our Lord palining our path as well as keeping us grounded on his holy word on a daily basis.
    I have joined this Blog so I can be connected spirtually and fellowship with the people I desire most to be around and hope to be near in the future if the Lord wills.
    I already suspect a divine presence. Thank You jesus!

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