James Mercy Triumphs – Session One

Hello Ladies,

Thank you for making last night’s 1st Bible study on the book of James so enjoyable.  I loved seeing all of you, both veterans and new attendees, last night.

I don’t know about you but I’m excited!  I’ve already done Week One, Day One of our homework assignment.  I’ve never really gave the relationship between James and Jesus much thought before.  But the reality is that they grew up together, sharing the same family trips to Jerusalem, doing chores together, eating meals and spending holidays together.  This new revelation brings a different dimension to this study on the book of James. I’m looking forward to exploring James relationship with Jesus and how his encounter with Him changed his whole belief system.  I’m glad you’ll join me.

In our Video session, we spoke about Jesus appearing to His brother James and others after His resurrection as found in 1 Cor 15:1-8.  You see even though James grew up with  Jesus, he did not believe Jesus to be the Son of God.  We looked at scripture supporting the statement that Jesus brothers did not believe in Him.  The 1st point in our video session was that “Jesus appeared to those who needed to see Him most”. We talked about Jesus appearing to Mara Magdalene, Paul, Peter and then James.   The 2nd point was that “James enters the scene as an unbeliever“.   The 3rd point was that “Jesus radically restructures the idea of family“.  We are not just given a natural family but also a Spiritual family.  But the best statement under point 3 for me was “Christ’s ability to go back to the natural family and bring healing.” That warms my heart and brings amazing joy to me. I’ll never lose hope that God will bring my family to Him. I love that in Christ, Family does not shrink, family grows.  The 4th point stated that “By the grace of God James became what James became”. Beth talked about how James couldn’t come in entitled, he had to come in through grace.  The 5th point was that “the power of the resurrection means that nothing but the tomb is meant to be empty.” We heard that no hurt, no problem, no loss or season of defeat needs to leave an empty whole in our hearts.  Those things happen to create a space for grace, a space for grace to fill it with redemption and purpose until it means something.  I hope you know that nothing hard that you’ve gone through is wasted.  God is for you and working through you and right there to turn beauty from ashes.  That ends our video session recap.  Hope you enjoyed it, I sure did.

One last point before I go, please pray about your involvement in our Mission Opportunity for this week:  to gather grocery and staple items for the hungry.  I’ve asked you to bring one grocery item to our Session 2 Bible study.  The following is sample of items to buy: cereals, rice, dried beans, graham crackers, peanut butter, jelly, fruit juices, pasta, muffin mixes, canned soup, canned fruit, spaghetti sauce, canned vegetables, canned tuna, canned chicken, paper towels, toilet paper, personal hygiene products and cleaning supplies.  I will distribute these items either to our local pantry or to the Florida Keys Outreach Coalition.  Thank you in advance for your support and participation.

You are loved dear ones.



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8 Responses to James Mercy Triumphs – Session One

  1. Linda Patterson says:

    Good Afternoon. I attended the women’s Bible study last night and was really excited. I really enjoyed Beth Moore’s enthusiasm, information and passion for the topic of James. I am only sorry I will not be in the area for the entire study.


  2. Sandy says:

    What an eye opener last night was! To think that we can find in the Bible where Jesus actually had an earthly family (other than mother and father) and to get you thinking about his childhood…for some reason I have just always pictured Him in His 30s!!!

    I have completed the entire first week’s study – I just couldn’t stop once I got started on it today!!! Can’t wait to dig deeper next week and see what exciting things Beth has to tell us and show us in the Word!!

  3. Sylvia Walden says:

    Wow! Learning and discussing about Jesus as a young person puts my childhood into a much better perspective. Though no words were ever spoken-my brother, the oldest and first born was the favorite. James’ unbelieve in his brother as being “fully God” is understandable with sibling rivalry and all those “human” feelings that develop over time. James’ human salvation is a lesson for all. Can’t wait for the next lesson. Sylvia

  4. Mary Beth Martiin says:

    Regarding the proposed womens’ outing, I commented on the slip we filled out Monday night about an upcoming concert. It is on Feb. 12 at the Studios of Key West, but it is “A Multifaith Folk and Gospel Celebration.” More info at tskw.org.

  5. Sylvia Walden says:

    The fact that we never gotSorry pass Day 1 of the homework is a testiment to how much Week Threes’ lessons touched our daily lives. James 1:19 “My dearly loved brothers, understand this: Everyone must be quick to hear, slow to speak, and slow to anger.”
    The “slow to anger” part seemed to touch a cord in a lot of us and how to deal with our anger was a great discussion. Just sorry we did not have time for more discussion on the other days topics. Beth Moore is always right on!

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