Mercy Triumphs

Dear Ladies,

With great sadness I write this, the last post on the book of James.  I’m truly going to miss spending time digging deeper into this book penned by the brother of our Jesus.  What a wonderful yet hard journey it has been.  From “Counting it all joy when facing trials, to faith without works is dead and finishing with being blessed if you bring someone back from their sin”, we have a lot of faith muscles to work out.  If I ever want to check my status as a Christian, you know check how I’m doing, I’ll definitely re-read James.  You can’t help but go “oops” when you are reading it, for it makes you ask yourself, “Is my faith doing any good?

One of the teachings from this study that has stood out to me is to “always remember the poor”.  This message has put that teaching into my heart and into my bloodstream.  I want to remember the poor when I’m grocery shopping, when I’m being blessed with a warm meal and a roof over my head.  I want to remember the poor when I buy that nice blouse or those nice sandals.  I want to remember the poor when I can pay for my electric bill and water bill. What about you, what in the book of James stood out to you most?

Thank you so much ladies for your part in blessing the poor by donating grocery items to our local food pantry and the Florida Keys Outreach Coalition Women and Children Shelter.  James would be proud.

In celebration, of us completing this study, we are having our “Pot-luck Dinner” on Monday, March 19th, at 6:30 p.m.  Please invite other ladies and bring a dish to pass.

I personally can’t wait to see you again.  You challenge me, inform me and bless me with your insights. Be blessed.



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  1. Diane C. Smith says:

    Just wanted to leave a note on here to say thank you to the women of BPK Vineyard. You have blessed me each time I’ve come in contact with anyone while visiting while being at our home here on LTK. The prayer teams are such a blessing! It truly is the work of the Holy Spirit working in y’all that sets the spirit in the house of worship. God bless and keep filling you all as you grow in Him. xoxo

  2. Joyce Gmoser says:

    Hi Georgina, I would like to join the Monday night women’s bible study. I might be to late to get the study book. Joyce

  3. Antonello says:

    Your husband knows that he is more improtant to you than your team he can tell by the fact that you drove 4 hours home to be with him on his birthday rather than staying at work, where you are obviously needed.When will this giant onslaught of work be finished? Will you get a break soon?

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